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LP SmartSide Siding

Want to find out more about LP siding replacement and how it could enhance your home's appearance? Connect with the leading LP siding contractor now for a complimentary, no-obligation estimate to upgrade your home's curb appeal.

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LP SmartSide Siding Columbus

Are you curious to know more about LP siding replacement and how it might appear on your house? To increase the curb appeal of your property, get in touch with the #1 LP siding contractor immediately for a free, no-obligation estimate.

LP SmartSide Installation and Replacement in Columbus, Ohio

It's comforting to know that your LP SmartSide siding installation will endure the challenge of time and withstand wind, rain, and snow with ease and assurance when the weather outside is dreadful. Compared to fiber cement siding and conventional vinyl siding, LP SmartSide engineered wood siding, and trim is renowned for their remarkable longevity.

Resilient Enough to Survive

LP SmartSide siding is specifically engineered hardwood siding made to survive various events that would typically dent or shatter other types of siding, such as baseballs, hockey pucks, and storms. Because of this, our company believes it's a fantastic option for Columbus homes that requires little maintenance yet offer years of consistent beauty.

Stunning and Robust

For the ultimate experience in one seamless package, LP SmartSide siding comprises advanced engineered wood siding technology that combines sustainable design with the natural beauty of solid wood exteriors. Additionally, LP SmartSide siding is supported by a 50-year extended warranty, giving you peace of mind that you're choosing wisely for your Columbus home's elegance and timeless design, year after year.

Vertical Siding, Shades, and Lap Siding

To add a dash of refinement to your new or renovated house in Columbus, LP SmartSide siding is also offered with a cedar grain and a smoother texture in addition to various colors and styles. Love the appearance of cedar siding but dislike the cost and maintenance?

LP SmartSide Siding in cedar wood is your ideal choice. This specially engineered wood siding is also offered in shakes, with a distinct feel and sharp edges that give it an antique appearance with contemporary ease of use and maintenance.

Looking for something more contemporary? Our company can also help you choose from the panel and vertical siding designs to give your Columbus house a more modern look. Whatever your aesthetic preferences, engineered wood siding will offer you the looks you want for less cost.

Every Little Added Detail

Remember that your Columbus house is a work of art and that, in addition to the LP SmartSide siding, you can also take advantage of all the features of this engineered wood siding. You'll become enamored with the modest protective details that offer a touch of class and elegance every time you get home, from the border and soffit to the LP SmartSide siding itself.

You'll notice that it's not only about using engineered wood siding but also about giving your house an attractive yet protected exterior that is snug yet modern and rustic yet inviting. That's a challenging requirement for any exterior. Still, Columbus LP SmartSide siding has consistently outperformed standards, which is why our company recommends it out of all the brands and manufacturers we collaborate with.

Amazing Qualities of LP SmartSide Siding

Less Seams

The number of seams the finished product has is one component of siding installation that should be considered. LP SmartSide siding panels are available in 16-foot lengths instead of the typical 12-foot length of siding materials. With larger panel sections, fewer panels are required to cover the same surface, reducing seams.

Having fewer siding seams on your Columbus house means there will be fewer opportunities for water to sneak in and damage the internal construction of your home. Additionally, your LP SmartSide siding is less likely to be caught in the wind and torn from your house.

Combats Insects and Rot

Even though LP SmartSide siding is made of engineered wood, the process of making it renders it almost immune to moisture and pests. Zinc borate is injected into wood strands to fend off termites and prevent fungus growth.

The strands are then crushed into LP SmartSide siding after being covered with high-grade wax and strong binders. Since water is the main cause of rot in conventional wood siding installation, this technique renders LP SmartSide siding panels exceptionally water resistant.

Colors That Go With Your Design Style

Most Columbus homeowners may select a hue that meets their tastes from the available 30 standard colors, but your color options continue. In addition to their normal color palette, LP SmartSide siding now offers a bespoke color option, allowing you to mix and match the color that best suits your needs. Additionally, the company provides its Premium Collection, which may make wood look natural.

Superior Durability

Compared to rival siding materials like fiber cement and vinyl, LP SmartSide siding is more resilient. LP SmartSide siding installation surpasses the competition whether you're expecting to safeguard your Columbus property from severe weather or hoping your LP SmartSide siding will withstand foul balls, tennis balls, and even stones.

Receive Your Free, No-Obligation Estimate on LP SmartSide Siding Installation in Columbus, Ohio

Do you want to know more about Columbus house siding installation and replacement options for LP SmartSide siding? To increase the curb appeal of your property, get in touch with the #1 LP SmartSide siding contractor in Columbus today to receive a free, no-obligation quotation.

If you hire us as your contractor, we'll visit your Columbus house with a comprehensive list of LP SmartSide siding installation alternatives, provide cost estimates for the work, and take the time to learn about your specific exterior design goals.

As your contractor, we can give you a precise estimate that includes the cost of LP SmartSide siding installation, siding pricing, and overall cost. We can also assist you in selecting the best-engineered wood siding for your particular requirements.

One of the numerous premium brands we suggest to Columbus homeowners is LP SmartSide siding. There isn't a better choice if the engineered wood siding is what you're after. Our company welcomes you to discover more about the many brands we represent, such as James Hardie fiber cement siding and Prodigy Siding from Alside.

Contact our company today to obtain a free estimate on new LP SmartSide siding installation for your Columbus home. Serving Columbus and the surrounding areas make our company proud.

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