CertainTeed Roofing Review

As an expert roofing contractor, US Quality Construction of Columbus understands the importance of a sturdy, reliable roof over your head. That's why we often recommend CertainTeed roofing shingles to our clients. Recognized as one of the premier brands in the United States, CertainTeed's commitment to quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal is unparalleled, making it a top choice for both residential homeowners and roofing professionals.

What are Certainteed Shingles?

Founded in 1904, CertainTeed has solidified its reputation as the nation’s foremost asphalt shingle brand. Operating over 60 manufacturing facilities across the United States and Canada, CertainTeed is renowned for its heavyweight shingles, which contain more asphalt than most other brands. Weighing between 250-480 lbs per square, compared to the average 160-280 lbs per square of other brands, CertainTeed's shingles are not just about added durability and impact resistance; they're about offering peace of mind to homeowners.

CertainTeed's Landmark series, designed to mimic the rustic charm of cedar shakes, is a testament to the brand's commitment to aesthetic diversity and quality. Available in an extensive palette of colors, these shingles complement a wide array of siding, stucco, and trim, offering homeowners the chance to truly personalize their living space.

Why Homeowners Prefer Certainteed Shingles (PROS)

At US Quality Construction of Columbus, we've seen firsthand why homeowners are drawn to CertainTeed shingles:

  • Luxurious Selection: CertainTeed boasts an impressive collection of luxury shingles, including super-premium lines like Arcadia Shake, Belmont, Carriage House, Grand Manor, and Presidential Shake.
  • Three-Layer Shingles: Their Triple-Laminate lines, such as Landmark TL and Presidential Shake, offer durability, longevity, and an elevated profile, akin to wood shingles or shakes.
  • Color and Style Variety: With options like the 3-tab XT 25 available in nearly 30 colors, and the Landmark series available in over 30 colors, homeowners are spoilt for choice.
  • Durability: As one of the heaviest brands, CertainTeed's shingles are known for their robustness, with most lines boasting a Class A fire rating.
  • Warranty Assurance: CertainTeed offers a 5-Star extended warranty, covering workmanship for the shingle's lifespan and is transferable once, should you decide to sell your home.

Potential Drawnbacks of Certainteed Shingles (CONS)

While the benefits are numerous, CertainTeed shingles do come with considerations:

  • Pricing: The quality and durability come at a premium, making CertainTeed more expensive across categories (3-tab, dimensional, and luxury).
  • Warranty Costs: The 5-Star extended warranty demands the use of all CertainTeed materials and can add up to 15% of the total cost.

CertainTeed Shingles Pricing: Materials and Installation

CertainTeed products command a higher price point, justified by their longevity and durability. Here's a brief overview of what you might expect in terms of pricing:

  • 3-Tab Shingles: XT 25 ranges from $70-$85, while XT 30 ranges from $65-$80 per square.
  • Dimensional Shingles: Landmark series ranges from $85-$130, with premium options like Grand Manor costing between $220-$245 per square.
  • Installation and Labor: Installation costs can range from $130-$240 per square, with additional costs for underlayment, starter strip, ridge vent, and other materials.

CertainTeed Shingle Designs

US Quality Construction of Columbus offers a vast selection of CertainTeed shingle styles and designs. From the rustic charm of Arcadia Shake™ and Presidential Shake® to the sleek sophistication of Landmark Solaris® and Carriage House®, we ensure that your choice reflects your personal taste and elevates your home's curb appeal.

What Do Roofers Think About CertainTeed Shingles?

As expert roofing contractors, we at US Quality Construction of Columbus hold CertainTeed in high regard. The brand's comprehensive product range, including the Integrity Roof System, ensures that every layer of the roof, from deck to ridge cap shingles, is of the highest quality. CertainTeed's warranties, some of the best in the industry, offer an added layer of assurance, making it a preferred choice among professionals.

Are CertainTeed Shingles Right for Your Home?

Choosing CertainTeed shingles means opting for quality, durability, and aesthetic versatility. If you value a premium roofing solution and seek a warranty with comprehensive coverage, CertainTeed should be at the top of your list. For homeowners in upscale neighborhoods, where premium materials and superior quality are the norms, CertainTeed shingles not only meet but often exceed expectations.

US Quality Construction of Columbus is here to guide you through every step of your roofing journey. From selecting the perfect shingle design to ensuring a flawless installation, our team of seasoned professionals is committed to transforming your roofing vision into reality. Contact us today to start your CertainTeed shingle roof replacement journey and experience the perfect blend of quality, aesthetics, and protection for your home.

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