If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, one of the first things you will consider is the type of shower tile to use. Shower tiles are an essential part of bathroom décor as they can set the tone for the entire room. With a multitude of designs, materials, and colours available, it can be difficult to decide which type of shower tile is best suited for your bathroom. This blog will provide you with numerous shower tile ideas to make your bathroom a stylish oasis.

Shower Tile Ideas for Aesthetic Appeal

When it comes to aesthetics, there are countless shower tile ideas. Here are a few selections to consider.

Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Glazed porcelain tiles are one of the most popular shower tile ideas because they are durable and water-resistant. This type of shower tile is also available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and designs, making it easy to create a unique look in your shower.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles reflect light beautifully, creating a sparkling, luminous effect in your bathroom. They are available in an assortment of tints, from gentle pastels to vibrant hues, and can be combined in any number of ways to create a distinctly individual look.

Selecting The Right Tile Material

The tile material plays a crucial role in the overall appeal of your shower tile design. Some of the most common tile material includes ceramic, porcelain, stone, and glass.

Ceramic And Porcelain Tiles

  • These are some of the most common options. They are both durable and easy to maintain, with porcelain being even more resilient and harder than ceramic.
  • As a result, they are ideal for bathrooms that get a lot of traffic or use.

Stone Tiles

  • Made from natural stone, they give a rustic and classical look to your shower area.
  • Consider stones like slate, marble, granite, or travertine for a sophisticated look.

Diverse Styles To Create Your Perfect Look

From classic to contemporary, there's a shower tile design to suit every style preference. Here are a few charming shower tile ideas to give your bathroom a stunning makeover.

Patterns And Textures

Using tiles with patterns or textures can add a visually interesting element to your shower. Some ideas include using encaustic cement tiles with patterns, or tiles with textured surfaces for a more tactile experience.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a timeless and versatile option. Originally a staple in New York subway stations in the early 1900s, they provide a clean, streamlined look that's perfect for contemporary or traditional bathrooms.

Mosaic Tiles

If you’re looking for a bold, vibrant design, then mosaic tiles could be the perfect fit for your bathroom. These small, coloured pieces can create visually striking patterns and can be used to add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral tile layout.

The Importance of Grout Colour in Shower Tile Designs

When you’re considering shower tile ideas, don't overlook the impact of grout colour. The tile grout can drastically change the look of your shower. Light grout can help tiles blend together and make the room feel larger, while dark grout adds contrast and a bold aesthetic.

From materials to design techniques, the diversity of tile options means there's something to suit everyone's taste, lifestyle, and budget. Your shower tile design can make a significant impact on the overall bathroom aesthetic, and the right choice will elevate your daily shower from a routine to a luxurious ritual. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of subway tiles, the boldness of mosaics, or the sophisticated feel of stone tiles, the perfect shower tile idea awaits you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shower Tile Ideas

What are some trendy shower tile ideas?

Some trendy shower tile ideas incorporate a mix of traditional and contemporary designs. For instance, using wood-look porcelain tiles is making a big splash. They can be a perfect choice for those who love nature and want to bring outdoors inside. Moreover, white subway tiles do not seem to go out of style. They give your bathroom a clean, bright look. Honeycomb tiles are another interesting alternative delivering a contemporary and energetic vibe to your shower.

Can I mix different types of tiles for my shower?

Absolutely, you can mix different types of tiles to create a unique design for your shower. For instance, you could use glass tiles as accents, porcelain tiles for the shower floor, and ceramic tiles for the walls. Mixing and matching tile types enables you to customize the look and feel of your bathroom to suit your personal aesthetic.

How can I design small shower spaces with tiles?

Some tiles can make small shower spaces look more spacious. One strategy is to use large, light-colored tiles. The large tiles reduce the number of grout lines, thereby making the room look less busy. Light colors can also reflect more light, making the space feel open and airy. Try to use the same tile on the floor and the wall for a seamless, expansive effect.

What types of shower tiles are easy to clean?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are among the easiest shower tiles to clean. They are water-resistant and can be cleaned with mild soap and a scrub brush or a cloth. Glass tiles are also relatively easy to keep clean, although they may show water spots or fingerprints.

Can I use floor tiles in the shower?

Yes, floor tiles can be used in the shower. However, it's important to make sure that they are slip-resistant, especially if they will be used on the shower floor. Matte finish tiles, textured tiles, and tiles with a pebble design are all good choices for shower floors.

Is it okay to install decorative tiles in the shower?

Decorative tiles can add a personal touch to your shower. You can incorporate decorative tiles as an accent border, or use them to cover the entire wall. However, ensure that these tiles are suitable for damp environments, and sealed properly to withstand the moisture if needed.

How do I choose the right color for my shower tiles?

The right color for your shower tiles depends on your personal preference and the color scheme of your bathroom. If you prefer a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere, consider using cool neutrals, such as white, cream, or light blue. If you want something more vibrant, try tiles in bold colors like red, yellow, or turquoise. Remember, you can always mix and match colors to create striking patterns or designs.

How can I use shower tiles to create a luxurious feel?

By choosing the right tiles, you can create a luxurious ambience in your shower. Marble or other natural stone tiles bring a touch of opulence. Large-format tiles or slim, elongated tiles can make the space look grander. For an extra flair of elegance, consider tiles that have a glossy finish, metallic sheen, or decorative patterns.

Pros and Cons of Shower Tile Ideas

Pros of Shower Tile Ideas

Diversity in Designs and Patterns

  • With shower tile ideas, you are presented with a wide variety of designs options. From geometric shapes to minimalistic designs, there’s a broad range that can cater to every homeowner's unique style and taste.
  • The ability to mix and match different tiles in terms of colors, textures, and patterns gives you the opportunity to create a custom work of art in your bathroom.

Enhanced Durability

  • Shower tiles are resistant to water and humidity, making them durable and long-lasting. With proper installation and regular maintenance, shower tiles can last for a significant number of years.
  • Shower tiles are also resistant to stains and can easily be cleaned. The toughness of shower tiles can withstand the daily wear and tear of bathroom use.

Flexibility and Versatility

  • There's a variety of shower tile ideas for different floor plans and spaces. Whether your bathroom is small or large, there's a shower tile that can work.
  • Shower tiles can be used on the floor, walls, or ceiling of a shower or an entire bathroom.

Boost Your Property Value

  • An extraordinary shower tile installation can significantly increase the value of your property. A well-designed and aesthetically pleasing bathroom is a key selling point for potential buyers.

Cons of Shower Tile Ideas


  • High-quality shower tiles can be costly. The costs don't just stop at purchasing the tiles either; you may have to factor in the installation costs as well.
  • Additionally, intricate tile patterns and designs would require professional installation - thus, hiking up the cost further.

Installation Process

  • The installation process for shower tiles is labor-intensive and time-consuming, especially for complex designs. This may result in longer renovation time than other types of shower surfaces.
  • Incorrectly installed tiles can lead to a plethora of problems such as leaks, cracks, and accumulation of mold and mildew.


  • Although shower tiles are easy to clean, joints and grouts can be conducive to mold growth if not regularly maintained. This requires a regular cleaning schedule to maintain their look.
  • Over time, grout support can lose their efficacy, causing tiles to crack or come loose. An expensive repair may be required in this case.

Comfort and Safety

  • Some types of shower tiles can be slippery when wet. This could potentially lead to accidents in the bathroom and compromise the safety of users.
  • Certain materials used in shower tiles can be cold underfoot. This might be uncomfortable for some people, especially during colder months.


A multitude of shower tile ideas can easily transform your bathroom into a private oasis. The choice varies from the minimalist monochrome to the vibrant and bold patterns, allowing homeowners to express their personal style. Regardless of your aesthetic preference or budget, you can find a shower tile idea that suits your needs while conferring a plush look to your bathroom.

Enhanced by diverse shower tile ideas, the bathroom serves as an extension of your personality. With an extensive array of designs, materials, and colors available, your creativity is your only limit. Through a sensible selection of shower tile ideas, you will not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home but also enjoy increased property value.

While shower tile ideas evolve and trends change with time, the ultimate aim remains to create a warm and inviting space that can soothe your senses. Simple changes such as introducing a new design, pattern, or color through shower tiles can considerably revamp the look and feel of your bathroom. Above all, your chosen shower tile idea should resonate with the vibe of your entire home, reflecting a harmonized sense of style.

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