The Majesty of Free Standing Tubs

If you are considering a bathroom remodeling, a free standing tub could be a focal element that can elevate the aesthetic and ambiance. They contribute an exceptional touch of elegance and luxury that makes any bath a calm, relaxing experience.

What is a Free Standing Tub?

A free standing tub, also known as standalone tub, is a bathtub that is not attached to a wall or any other surface. It can be positioned anywhere in the bathroom as it is finished on all sides. From traditional claw foot designs to sleek, modern styles, these tubs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to suit any decor theme.

Materials Used in Free Standing Tubs

Knowing the materials used in these tubs can greatly influence your purchasing decision. Each material offers a unique characteristic that enhances the overall tub experience.

  • Cast Iron: It retains heat well, making your bathing experience longer and comfortable.
  • Acrylic: It is lightweight and comes in a broad range of styles and shapes.
  • Stone Resin: It gives the tub a natural and elegant look.
  • Copper: It offers a beautiful patina and is also naturally resistant to bacteria.

Benefits of Free Standing Tubs

The advantages of standalone tubs extend beyond aesthetics. They represent both style and function, offering multiple benefits.

Design Versatility

With a free standing tub, you have the option to place it anywhere you want in the bathroom. This creates endless opportunities for design and layout adjustments. You can place it at the center for a dramatic effect or in front of a large window for a spa-like experience with a view.

Easy Installation

Unlike built-in tubs, free standing tubs do not require a complex installation process. Since there are no walls to frame or surround to build, the installation is easier and quicker.

Sophistication and Style

Free standing tubs add an element of sophistication and style to any bathroom. With their aesthetic appeal, they boost the overall value of your home. They are available in myriad designs, from traditional to contemporary.

Selecting The Right Free Standing Tub

Considering a few important factors can ensure you make an informed selection that suits your needs and matches your style.


Before you purchase a tub, ensure you have ample space in your bathroom to accommodate it. Check both the floor space and the height as some tubs may be taller than others.


Remember to consider where the drain and water supply lines are located. The position of these fixtures will largely determine where your tub can be placed.


Ensure your bathroom floor can support the weight of the tub, particularly if you're considering cast iron or stone resin varieties. These are notably heavier than their counterparts.

A free standing tub provides a luxurious and elegant feature in your bathroom. Its several advantages including design versatility, easy installation, and aesthetics elements, make it a worthwhile investment when remodeling your bathroom. Remember to consider space, plumbing and weight before purchasing one. This bathtub is an indulgence to any home, make it yours today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Standing Tubs

How does a free standing tub differ from a conventional one?

A free standing tub is unique in its design and structure. Unlike conventional bathtubs that are mounted and against a wall or into a corner, a free standing tub is designed to stand freely anywhere in your bathroom. This allows you to have more flexibility with the bathroom layout and design.

How much space do I need for a free standing tub?

The space required for a free standing tub largely depends on its size and shape. However, a general rule of thumb is to have at least 4' x 6' space for a standard sized free standing tub. Remember to consider the space around the tub needed for plumbing and mobility.

Is it difficult to install a free standing tub?

Free standing tubs are not particularly difficult to install but it's more complex than replacing a like-for-like conventional tub. It might require some changes in plumbing setup especially if you're switching from a conventional to a free standing model. If you're unsure about the installation process, it's always best to hire a professional plumber.

Can a free standing tub also have a shower?

Yes, while free standing tubs are widely known for soaking, they can be designed to include a shower as well. You may choose to install a standalone shower fixture or add a showerhead to your existing fixture. However, it does need to be installed correctly to prevent water from spraying outside the tub.

What are free standing tubs made of?

Free standing tubs can be made from a variety of materials, including acrylic, fiberglass, enamel coated steel or cast iron. Some luxury models are also made from natural stone or wood. The material influences the tub's weight, heat retention properties, durability and price.

How do we maintain and clean a free standing tub?

Free standing tub maintenance basically involves regular cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners. Additionally, you might need to perform regular checks on the plumbing setup beneath the tub. If your tub is made of special material like stone or wood, specific maintenance instructions from the manufacturer should be followed.

Do free standing tubs come in different sizes and shapes?

Absolutely! Free standing tubs are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit different user preferences and bathroom configurations. They can be long, oval, round, rectangular, and more. Some free standing tub designs even include built-in lounge seats or armrests for added comfort.

Can free standing tubs be moved after installation?

While not recommended due to complex plumbing works, technically, free standing tubs can be moved after installation. However, it would require considerable dismantling and reworking of existing plumbing. Always weigh the need of repositioning against the work required before making such a decision.

Does a free standing tub increase home value?

In general, a well-constructed, stylish bathroom with a posh free standing tub can potentially increase the value of your home. They are considered a luxury feature and can make your property more desirable to potential buyers. However, the actual impact on home value also depends on other factors like the overall condition of your home, market dynamics, etc.

Where can I buy free standing tubs?

Free standing tubs can be purchased from bathroom fixture retailers, both in-store and online. For more options and unique designs, you could check out specialty or upscale bathroom fixtures stores. Always compare prices, styles, and reviews before making a decision.

Pros and Cons of Free Standing Tubs

Pros of Free Standing Tubs

Elegance and Aesthetic Appeal

  • Free standing tubs are highly regarded for their visual appeal. With their elegant and modern design, they often serve as a luxurious centerpiece in the bathroom.
  • There is an extensive variety of styles, finishes, shapes, and materials available for free standing tubs, catering to a wide array of tastes and home decors.

Flexibility and Easy Placement

  • Unlike built-in tubs that require three-wall alcoves or a corner, free standing tubs can be placed anywhere in the bathroom as long as plumbing allows it.
  • This versatility often grants more freedom in bathroom layout design, introducing the ability to change the tub's position if refurbishing or remodeling.

Ease of Installation

  • Free standing tubs are generally easier and cheaper to install than built-in variants as they don't require any special framings or enclosures.
  • They connect straight to the floor drain, eliminating the need for complex system set-ups.

Cons of Free Standing Tubs

High Cost and Maintenance

  • Due to their luxurious feel and uniqueness, free standing tubs often come with a high purchase price.
  • Maintenance costs can also be significant in the long run, especially if the tub is made of premium materials which necessitate expert care.

Lack of Practicality

  • Free standing tubs typically lack the practical features that built-in tubs offer such as ledges, storage shelves, or built-in shower combination.
  • These tubs often require additional floor-mounted fixtures or fittings which could add up to the overall cost.

Space Requirements

  • Free standing tubs often have large space requirements, making them generally unsuitable for small bathrooms.
  • Additionally, being a center piece, they usually need some free space around them in order to shine aesthetically, which might be a disadvantage in compact bathrooms.

Weight Concerns

  • Free standing tubs, especially those made of heavy materials like stone or cast-iron, can be incredibly heavy, potentially posing structural issues especially in older homes or upstairs bathrooms.
  • Lighter materials might avoid this problem but may compromise on longevity and feel.

Other Considerations

Comfort and Ergonomics

  • Comfort in free standing tubs can be subjective. It largely depends on the design, which can vary considerably among models. Ergonomics should be a factor when choosing a free standing tub.

Material and Insulation

  • The choice of material for a free standing tub can greatly affect its insulation properties. Stone and cast-iron tubs tend to retain heat longer than those made of acrylic or fiberglass. However, this can also add to the weight issue mentioned above.

In conclusion, while free standing tubs can indeed bring an unparalleled sense of luxury and distinction to bathrooms, they come with their own set of challenges. Balancing the pros and cons of ownership, considering personal preferences, bathroom space and budget will ensure the best choice for each individual homeowner.


The free standing tub has gradually become a must-have in modern bathroom designs. With its stylish appearance and versatile placement options, it can be the focal point of your bathroom or a luxurious touch to an otherwise modest design. Might be a bit more expensive, but the added value to the home and the joy of a relaxing soak after a hard day is truly priceless.

Functionality combined with an aesthetic appeal is the main charm of a free standing tub. Besides offering ultimate comfort for a peaceful soak, it also accentuates the interior with its elegance and sophistication. Wrapped up in these features, you won't regret investing in one, as it is sure to be the centerpiece of your bathroom for years to come.

Whether you prefer a contemporary, minimalist scenario or a classic, ornate bathroom ambiance, a free standing tub can cater to your preferences. It's a testament to timeless beauty that blends well with a variety of themes and settings. Make the most of your bathroom space and give it the uplift it deserves with a well-chosen tub, you'll be amazed at how a free-standing model can change the mood of your entire bathroom.

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